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Find a perfect ring for the perfect day.

Given the gloomy uncertainty over the last two years, optimism is bubbling that 2022 could be a bumper year for weddings as couples take advantage of the removal of restrictions on guest numbers and begin to plan their big day. That means finalising every detail from the colour of the flowers, down to the late-night snacks as the dancing twirls into the night.
One detail no wedding should get wrong however, are the rings. This is an opportunity to prove that it’s not just engagement rings that have a monopoly on the glitz and glamour, with plenty of choices available to customise and craft an exquisite pair of wedding bands.
To help you choose the perfect rings for your wedding day, here are just some of the customisations available from Cheltenham jeweller, Martin & Co.


Yellow Gold and Diamond Wedding Ring

Choices, choices...

Think about the width you’d like, as well as the thickness and overall size. You can go for any metal of your choosing from yellow gold, to white gold, silver, or palladium. Then there’s the shape to consider: do you prefer the classic court shape, a D-shape, or something a little more adventurous such as a flat edge or even a bevelled edge? If you have a slightly different shaped engagement ring, you may need a bespoke wedding band to fit around it.


Russian Wedding Ring

Customised for you

The customisation doesn’t stop there either; you could choose to have a special message or date engraved on the ring or inside the ring. While finishing touches could include a brushed finish or even a hammered pattern – the choices really are endless! And just to prove that engagement rings don’t have a monopoly on the sparkle, you can even have a gemstone flush set within the band such as your partner’s birthstone.
But why stop at a single band? A triple rolling ring is three thinner bands of yellow, white and rose gold that interlock to form a single ring. The power of three can symbolise the past, present and future, as well as the body, mind and spirit.
Whatever your choice, Martin & Co can help you find your perfect wedding rings.

White Gold and Diamond Wedding Ring