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Rolex created the Oyster Perpetual Sea-Dweller in 1967 to meet the challenge of prolonged underwater missions. The Sea-Dweller is specifically designed for saturation diving. Thanks to its helium escape valve, it can withstand decompression on ascent and master the return to the surface – the final phase of deep-sea exploration.

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A pearl for every occasion

From New York’s Met Gala to a quiet dinner out, pearl jewellery never looks out of place.

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Nature’s awakening makes spring “the only pretty ring time”

If you’ve been planning a marriage proposal, spring – says Shakespeare – is the perfect moment to give that ring.

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Celebrate with an emerald on St Patrick’s Day

There is no better way to mark the Emerald Isle’s patron saint’s day than with a brilliantly intense green emerald.

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Choose your perfect pearl

Pearls are highly fashionable, but with so much choice, how can you make sure your pearl jewellery features the finest pearls?

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Diamonds with a difference

Diamonds are special, but a yellow diamond is extra special

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All that glistens is (most definitely) 18ct gold

18ct gold is back in fashion, so why not treat yourself to some ‘glistening’ gold jewellery…

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Jewellery designed by nature

Some of the finest jewellery finds its form in the beauty and craft of nature.

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