Find your time and space with a Limited Edition Bremont Longitude

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Choose an exquisite British-made watch for the perfect gift.

Historians trace the development of longitude – the measurement that helps navigators work out their position east to west – back to the ancient Greeks. But it was not until more modern times and a pressing need for the Royal Navy to accurately plot the position of their ships that a solution to determining longitude was found in the late 18th century, with the development of the marine chronometer.


Bremont Longitude Watch

Crafted in Britain

Well over a hundred years later, British watch maker Bremont pays tribute to the technical brilliance and imagination of those longitude pioneers with the development of the Bremont Longitude. For those convinced that the UK no longer makes anything or that craftsmanship has been offshored, the Limited Edition Bremont Longitude is the horological retort; drawing on a rich heritage of watch making which, back in the 1800s, saw almost half of the world’s pocket watches and clocks made in this country.


Bremont Movement Animation Still

Stainless steel, rose or white gold

Designed and crafted in the UK, the Bremont Longitude is a celebration of British watch making. Available in stainless steel, rose gold, or white gold, the limited edition watch – with a production run of only 300 – is the first to include Bremont’s 22 jewelled ENG376 movement, featuring a stainless steel, rose gold, or white gold case with raised central globe, debossed longitude lines, and a meridian line running from 12H to 6H.


Bremont Longitude Watches

Made from time itself

With a tip of the hat to the Royal Observatory in Greenwich which since 1833 has dropped a large red ball down a mast on top of its building at 1300 hours daily to alert sailors and Londoners alike to the correct time, the Bremont Longitude features a ball-shaped power reserve indicator that turns red when fully charged. In addition, the ring of meridian line insert – made of original brass from the historic Flamsteed Meridian Line at the Royal Observatory Greenwich, London – is set behind the sapphire crystal with longitude coordinates for the Royal Observatory and The Wing, Bremont’s own Manufacturing and Technology Centre.

As a gift to yourself or to someone precious in your life, a Limited Edition Bremont Longitude – now available from Cheltenham jeweller Martin & Co – will always stand the test of time.